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-House system

St. Louis Catholic High School’s House System is one of a kind in Southwest Louisiana. Our “houses” – named for saints and made up of students from all grade levels – foster a sense of equality, pride, responsibility, camaraderie and respect, and they’re fueled by our traditions. 

Houses provide fellowship opportunities and aid in our students’ development in athletics, ministry, service, leadership and academics. They provide a “home within a home” for both students and alumni that allows our community to develop even stronger bonds across class years, students, staff, alumni and families. 

How It Works There are six houses at St. Louis: Saint Cecilia, Saint Josephine, St. Augustine, St. John Paul II, St. Joan of Arc and St. Elmo. 

  • At the beginning of each school year, new students are selected into a house – and they’ll remain a member of that house for the rest of their lives. Selection is – like everything at St. Louis – guided by the Holy Spirit, but siblings will be placed into the same houses, reminiscent of the family legacies on which our school has thrived throughout its history and creating new legacies for generations to come. 
  • Once students are matched, they’ll have opportunities to grow in faith and friendship with their houses through daily house time, house-specific retreats, house competitions for the whole school, service projects and more. 
  • Each house has approximately 100 students and is led by a faculty dean. Houses also contain five mentor groups of 20 students each. Mentor groups also have faculty and staff leaders. 

Servant Leadership Committee The Servant Leadership Committee includes six student representatives from each house – two sophomores, four juniors and two seniors. The committee works with the faculty deans and mentors from each house to plan events and foster leadership and teamwork within their houses. Committee members are selected through self-nomination and/or faculty recommendation, along with an application process. This committee has replaced our former Student Council organization. 

Events Throughout the year, houses participate in friendly competitions and earn points to highlight the achievements of a Saint – mind, body and spirit. The highest-earning house is named the champion at the end of each academic year. Houses also gather for retreats and service projects. 

Competitions are planned and sponsored by various houses and include a variety of activities to engage the entire student body in events focused on faith, service, knowledge, athleticism, discipline and other facets of being a Saint. 

Retreats occur once per year, with house-specific groups going off-campus together for one day. 

Service projects also occur throughout the year. Planned by each house, these initiatives benefit local organizations and causes.