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How much is tuition? 
  • Tuition at St. Louis starts at $8,715 for a single student per year, with sibling rates available for multiple enrolled students from the same family.  
  • If you are a tithing parishioner at one of the 15 Diocese of Lake Charles parishes that support St. Louis, you may be eligible for subsidized tuition which starts at $7,715 for a single student per year. Please download this form and contact your church pastor for more information.
Is financial aid available?
How many credits are required to graduate?
  • Students must complete 30 credits with a grade of C or higher in order to graduate from St. Louis Catholic High School. Our diplomas follow the TOPS University Diploma requirements. The requirements are: 
    •  4 English credits
    • 4 Theology credits
    • 4 Mathematics credits
    • 4 Science credits
    • 4 Social Studies credits
    • 2 World Languages credits 
    • 2 Health/PE credits
    • 1 Fine Art credit
    • 5 Elective credits
  • Students may also elect to pursue a St. Louis Honors diploma, which requires all of the above, in addition to at least seven honors, Advanced Placement or dual enrollment courses in any subject. Students must earn a cumulative 3.75 grade point average to earn the honors diploma.
Do I have to be Catholic to attend St. Louis? 
  • No. Students of all faiths are welcome at St. Louis Catholic High School. Please note that all students are required to take theology classes and attend weekly mass with our campus community. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Fara McKinley '90, Director of Admissions
When will your permanent campus be ready? 
  • St. Louis Catholic High School is currently in the planning phase, including establishing our financial plan, architectural renderings and other pre-construction items. To keep up with our progress, including an estimated open date, check our newsroom. 
  • For more up-to-date information click here.
Does the school provide students with computers? 
  • Yes. Every student is issued a computer for use in classes and at home.  Students are responsible for caring for the device. 
Can my student transfer in mid-year? 
  • Yes. St. Louis Catholic High School accepts mid-year transfers on a space-available basis. Transfer students must meet the same requirements as any new student. Those hoping to graduate with their class must also meet the St. Louis diploma requirements. For more information on transferring, contact Fara McKinley, '90 Director of Admissions.