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St. Louis Catholic High School strives to provide a well-rounded, faith-based education at a tuition level that is accessible to as many students as possible.  Around 40% of St. Louis  Catholic students pay less than the top rate through the support of church subsidies, scholarships, financial aid or sibling discounts. 

-TUITION RATES for 2022-2023

Subsidized *The 2021-2022 Subsidy form to obtain your Pastor’s signature and secure the subsidized tuition rate is available on this page.


  • One Child (Subsidized) – $7,225.00
  • Two Children (Subsidized) – $14,089.00
  • Three Children (Subsidized) – $20,230.00
  • Four or more Children (Subsidized) - $24,565.00


  • One Child (Non-Subsidized)- $8,225.00
  • Two Children (Non-Subsidized) - $16,039.00
  • Three Children (Non-Subsidized)- $23,030.00
  • Four or More Children (Non-Subsidized) - $27,965.00

2022 – 2023 Fees

  • Registration Fee – $500
  • Administrative Fee – $250
  • Technology Fee – $200 
  • Activity Fee – $50
  • Graduation Fee (seniors only) – $140
Grade 9-11 Total Fees- $1000
Grade 12- Total Fees $1140
All fees are non-refundable and must be paid through your FACTS account. 



Tithing parishioners at one of the 15 Diocese of Lake Charles parishes that support St. Louis may be eligible for subsidized tuition. Please download this form and contact your church pastor for more information. Subsidized tuition starts at $7,225.00 for a single child per year.   Click Here for the 2022-2023 Subsidy Form.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

St. Louis Catholic High School and the St. Louis Catholic Foundation are committed to ensuring as many students as possible may benefit from a faith-based high school education. Click here to learn more about scholarships and financial aid opportunities. 

FACTS Payments

All fees must be paid through FACTS at the time of enrollment/re-enrollment. Tuition payments will be set up through your FACTS account as you determine your best payment option.


All financial aid application forms must be submitted through FACTS by April 15, 2022, for processing.  For questions, please contact Ray Baggett, Director of Finance, at 337-436-7275 or email at