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-Apostolic Hours

At St. Louis Catholic High School, we take seriously our duty to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. As we strive to cultivate a servant’s heart in every student, the school requires active community service each school year. Hours are documented online and count toward students’ theology grades. 

Types of Service
Jesus himself gave us a model for how to serve others through the Corporal Works of Mercy. At least half of every student’s service hours must be in this category. To earn apostolic hours in this category, students should be directly involved with those they serve. This may include volunteering at Vacation Bible School; serving meals at a homeless shelter; providing child care at New Life Counseling; and more. 
The Corporal Works are:
  • Feed the hungry
  • Give drink to the thirsty
  • Shelter the homeless
  • Visit/care for the sick
  • Visit those in prison
  • Bury the dead
  • Give alms to the poor

Other types of service may count for up to half of a student’s yearly hours. These types of service include taking care of the environment, service to animals and any indirect contact with those who benefit. Examples of this type of service may include stocking shelves in the pantry at Catholic Charities or Abraham’s Tent; setting up for a fundraising event; or volunteering at an animal shelter, among others.

Looking for service opportunities? Click here.

Due Dates

Half of the required hours for each year must be completed and logged on Innerview by the progress report date of the second quarter in the fall. Remaining hours must be completed and logged by the progress report date of the fourth quarter in the spring.

Hour requirements vary by class year:
  • 9th grade: 10 hours
  • 10th grade: 15 hours
  • 11th grade: 20 hours
  • 12th grade: 25 hours
Half of each student’s hours for each year must be:
  • Outside the student’s family
  • Outside St. Louis Catholic school organizations
  • Be in direct service to individuals who benefit from the activity (see above “types of service”) 

For questions about specific types of service, students should contact their theology teacher. 

Looking for service opportunities? Click here.

Every St. Louis student will register for an Innerview account as part of their theology classes. Existing students may log hours over the summer into their accounts. New students will receive a school gmail and Innerview account via email in June prior to their enrollment. 
Service hours are logged with the following information:
  • Activity title  
  • Date  
  • Hours  
  • Activity type (choose ONE: volunteering, tutoring, donating, community project, leading)  
  • Value (choose ONE: compassion, connectedness, curiosity, integrity, respect, spirituality)  
  • Impact – What UN Global Goal does your service impact? 
  • Description –What impact did your service have on those you serve? Which of the Corporal Works of Mercy does this address?  
  • Photo – Take a photo that shows your involvement in the service activity. The picture should show you actually doing the service.  
  • Group – This is your class/graduation year.