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-Endow a Scholarship

St. Louis Catholic High School has 19 endowed scholarships available to qualified students. These scholarships enable us to welcome into our faith community deserving students who may not otherwise be able to attend our school. 
Endowed scholarships are sponsored through a one-time donation, with tuition for recipients derived from the interest on the initial sum in subsequent years in accordance with the Foundation’s reinvestment strategy. Donors may name the scholarship or remain anonymous and may outline the criteria for recipients, as long as it is consistent with our Catholic principles. Criteria may, for example, include academic accomplishments or financial need.
Scholarships are currently available at St. Louis Catholic High School in memory or honor of:
  • 25th Anniversary Scholarship
  • Adam Puckett
  • Alton & Gisele Puckett
  • Alverdy Heyd Veron
  • Beatina & Thomas K. O’Carroll
  • Deacon Glenn Viau
  • Douglas Earl Veron
  • Elizabeth & Jacque de la Bretonne
  • ERDACE Family
  • Ethel & Henry “Doc” Mancuso
  • Geri Christ & Lester M. Landry
  • Gertrude Joffrion Winter
  • Glendon L. Smith
  • Gloria & George J. John
  • Juanita Hebert & A.M. Stelly
  • Judge Earl E. Veron
  • Mike & Dee Halay
  • Pam Gabriel LeBlanc
  • Patricia Petty Engel
  • Phillip E. Ribbeck
  • Vida & Robert Pumpelly

For more information on endowing a scholarship, contact Ashley Ivey-Atkins at