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Advisory Council

The St. Louis Catholic High School Advisory Council is a representative group of no fewer than five and no more than 11 individuals who provide guidance and recommendations to the school principal and rector in the following areas:

Operating and capital budgets:
Strategic planning, including Catholic identity/spiritual life, enrollment/marketing, academics, student life, facilities, finance, advancement and community relations;
Programs (extracurricular, financial and otherwise) that guide school management; 
The effectiveness of the school’s promotion of Catholic teaching and education;
School operations;
Policy implementation; 
Maintenance and improvement of the school’s facilities;
Coordination with the Office of Catholic Schools regarding St. Louis Catholic operations.
Who can join the council?
Advisory Council members, except ex-officio members, are elected by the active members of the school at an annual meeting. Members of the Catholic faith must be practicing members of the church, as defined by Canon Law and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. No more than two council members may be non-Catholic.
How long are council terms?
Each council member (not including ex-officio members) serves a one-year term. Members may serve up to five terms in total. 
Interested in being considered for the St. Louis Catholic High School Advisory Council? Mia Touchet at