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St. Louis Catholic High School students are academically prepared for college, careers and the future. Our curriculum is both challenging and customizable for each student’s needs. Students who seek a high-level program may thrive in one of our many honors-Advanced Placement or dual enrollment courses. As with everything we do at St. Louis, even our academic experience is rooted in our Catholic faith. Theology is part of every student’s curriculum, and our faculty inspire confidence and promote educational excellence, spiritual growth and an experience centered on each student’s individual needs. 

Click below to learn more about our academic offerings.

Diplomas St. Louis offers two diplomas – academic and honors. Our diplomas follow the TOPS University Diploma requirements. All students must complete at least 30 credits with a grade of C or higher in order to graduate from St. Louis Catholic High School. Click here to read more about our curriculum and diplomas. 

Dual Enrollment St. Louis Catholic High School offers 14 dual enrollment courses in eight subjects, with college credits earned through McNeese State University. Credits are transferable to other institutions as outlined by the Louisiana Board of Regents. Click here to read more about dual enrollment and available courses at St. Louis.

Advanced Placement In addition to dual enrollment, St. Louis Catholic High School offers a number of Advanced Placement classes, for which students may test for college credit at the end of each school year. AP classes are available beginning in the sophomore year. Click here to learn more about Advanced Placement at St. Louis.

Honors Classes St. Louis Catholic High School honors classes provide students with more rigorous coursework in order to properly challenge students who thrive in key subjects. Click here to learn more about honors classes at St. Louis.

Life Skills and Career Coursework St. Louis students have the opportunity to participate in a number of classes outside a traditional curriculum that will provide them with the skills they need to ensure every graduate will excel spiritually, socially and professionally. Click here to learn more about St. Louis classes.

Technology In 2012, St. Louis Catholic High School was the first to launch a 1:1 program, which provided every student with a Microsoft tablet for note-taking, class collaboration, digital organization, online research and multimedia projects. Nearly 20 St. Louis teachers have now become Certified Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE), and four were accepted into the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program. For these accomplishments, St. Louis is now a designated Microsoft School.