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Retreats are a critical component of every Catholic’s faith journey. They provide an opportunity to encounter Jesus in a silent place, and they allow a clarity that is difficult to achieve in our busy world. 
As part of our mission to support each student’s faith journey, St. Louis Catholic High School provides multiple retreat opportunities each year. For more information on each retreat type, click below:
  • House Retreats
  • COR Retreats
House Retreats
St. Louis Catholic High School is a community of Saints. One of the building blocks of our school community is the House System. Like all else at St. Louis Catholic, Houses are rooted in faith. In an effort to help House members develop deeper relationships with each other and with Jesus Christ, each group completes one daylong retreat together each academic year. 
House retreats are held off-campus and include a variety of activities to meet each student where they are. These experiences provide an opportunity for students to:
Strengthen their relationships with each other
Deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ
Grow spiritually with the guidance of our clergy, faculty and staff; and with the support of their fellow House members
This year’s House Retreat schedule is as follows. As your House’s retreat date nears, you will receive further information regarding the location and any other details. 
Saint Cecilia – DATE
Saint Josephine – DATE
St. Augustine – DATE
St. John Paul II – DATE
St. Joan of Arc – DATE
St. Elmo – DATE
COR Retreats 
COR – Christ In Others – is a retreat structured for high school students. This multi-day retreat incorporates celebration of the sacraments, physical activities and prayer to help participants discover who they are, who they are meant to be and how much God loves them. 
“The COR trip was both the most difficult and beautiful thing I have ever done. I am so grateful for the opportunity to overcome physical challenges, experience the wonder of God's creation, and be part of the hands and feet of Christ with these students.” - Holley Pierce, St. Louis faculty and 2004 graduate
Frequently Asked Questions
How many students can attend a COR retreat? 
COR retreats can accommodate NUMBER students at a time.
Where are COR retreats held? 
How do I register for a COR retreat? 
Does St. Louis Catholic hold COR retreats every year? 
When is the next COR retreat?
Who can attend a COR retreat? 
For further information about COR retreats, please contact Bit Thompson, Campus Minister.