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Faith and Revelation and The Blessed Trinity: This year-long course corresponds to the Christological semester courses of Year One of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Curriculum. The main course topics include Divine Revelation, the relationship between human reason and Divine Revelation, Creation, Sin and the Fall ofhumanity, Salvation History, God’s Preparation of the Promised Messiahthrough the Old Covenant, the New Covenant of Jesus Christ and the Gospels, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit and the Church, etc. The exploration of the Blessed Trinity – – one God in three Persons—looks at Scripture and Tradition, focusing on how people can learn to know God. This Christological course will also give the student a working knowledge ofthe Bible, since “All Sacred Scripture is but one book, and this one book isChrist, because all divine Scripture speaks of Christ, and all divineScripture is fulfilled in Christ” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, # 134). All students will be required to have their own copy of Ignatius Bible – Revised Standard Version 2nd Edition   HARDCOVER COPY

Credit 1 Grade 9


The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery): Building upon the themes of year one, this first semester sophomore course will further explore the mystery of the Incarnation of Christ our Lord as the ultimateexpression of God’s love, who shared in our death so that we might share inHis resurrection. This course offers an in-depth exposition of the redeeming act of Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection as the realization of God’spromises throughout salvation history.

Jesus’ Mission in His Church: This second semester sophomore course will explore the nature and history of the institution Jesus established to bring His salvation to all peoples of all times: His Body the Church. Some ofthe topics include: the Church’s foundation upon Peter and the Apostles,Apostolic Succession, the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church, the Four Marks of the Church, the Creed, as well as her mission, her attributes, and the Communion of Saints. All students will be required to have their own copy of The Didache Bible
Credit 1 Grade 10



The Sacraments: This semester course of the junior year will explore theseven sacraments given by Christ to the Church. “The seven sacramentstouch all the stages and all the important moments of Christian life: theygive birth and increase, healing and mission to the Christian’s life of faith”(Catechism of the Catholic Church, # 1210). This course will explore, among other things, the relationship the Sacraments have to Christian moraldiscipleship. The sacraments are signs that convey God’s grace to thefaithful and its establishment by Christ in the economy of salvation.

The Moral Life in Christ: Following the USCCB curriculum, one semester of the junior year will consist in an overview of the Catholic moral tradition. Key ideas of freedom, law, sin, conscience, and conversion will be developed in order to discuss, analyze, and embody Christian action and morals. It willprovide formation necessary, with God’s grace, to imitate Christ and spreadthe Kingdom of God. Moral theology to be studied and also lived according to the will of God. Scripture, especially the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, along with The Catechism of the Catholic Church, will be the lenses through which moral action is reviewed. All students will be required to have their own copy of The Didache Bible
Credit 1 Grade 11



Understanding the Scriptures

The textbook, authored by Dr. Scott Hahn, presents a thorough examination of the history of salvation as presented in Sacred Scripture. Students will study Divine Revelation through its sources in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Students will study the Sacred Scripture, highlighting the theme of covenant. Tracing a path through salvation history, students will learn about the various books of the Bible and the importance of each event in salvation history.

The History of the Church

The textbook presents the story of God’s intervention into human history from the earthly life of Christ to the present day. It details how God sent the Holy Spirit to act through the Church and how his actions demonstrate his love for his People. Special emphasis is given to the role of saints and Popes to further the mission of the Church into the entire world. Students will be presented with a narrative of Church history along with stories of other important historical figures as they became interwoven with the events they helped to shape. All students will be required to have their own copy of The Didache Bible

Credit 1 Grade 12                                                                 

Prerequisite –None