Every year at St. Louis Catholic, we want our students to gain valuable experiences from their Apostolic Hours. This semester, we are beginning to integrate a digital platform, InnerView, within our school community to increase the impact even further and foster meaningful discussions after the service is completed. We did a soft launch in 2019 with our National Honor Society’s required service hours.

InnerView allows us to see our impact as a school and as individual students in terms of hours, service types, and monetary impact value – click to see NHS’ Service Impact Snapshot. It also factors in U.N. global goals. InnerView is NOT a social media platform, but it will streamline the need for paperwork to turn in and verify Apostolic Hours. We see InnerView redefining what service really means in our school and our community!


  • Doesn’t use students’ personal information (aside from their first name)
  • Shares with anyone using InnerView the work we are doing without being a social networking/media platform
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Students can keep their accounts active and continue volunteering after they graduate
  • Engineers and distributes national awards for service, as well as weekly updates on the number of service hours we have completed
  • Connects our students with local and national opportunities for service and will hopefully encourage some of our local nonprofits to join the platform as well

*taken from Halo Notes Jan. 9, 2020*