Congratulations to all the St. Louis Catholic students who participated in 2020 District Rally!  Those who placed 1st-3rd (in bold) advanced to State Rally at LSU on April 25.  UPDATE: As a precautionary measure, LSU has decided to cancel all events of 30 attendees or more through May 30, including 2020 State Rally.

Advanced Mathematics I-PreCalculus William McNally 2nd
Advanced Mathematics II-Functions & Statistics Claire Karriker 3rd
Algebra I Olivia Bergen 5th
Algebra II Jacob Weaver 3rd
U.S. History (American) Ivan Appleton 1st
Biology I Kassidy Richard 4th
Biology II Vean Rademeyer 2nd
Calculus Lucas Manuel 2nd
Chemistry Alyssa Morton 3rd
Civics Nicholas Manuel 2nd
Computer Science Peter Obluda 3rd
English I Coleman Zeringue 2nd
English II Aliya Kattash overall winner
English III Matthew Aleshire overall winner
English IV Caroline Obluda overall winner
Environmental Science Layla Morton 2nd
Family and Consumer Science Terry Sherman 1st
Fine Arts Survey Joe Percle 1st
French I Olivia Derouen 1st
French II Emma Freeman 1st
French III Reem Husein 1st
Geometry Kyler Cart 3rd
Government Andrew Desormeaux 1st
Health Logan Rupert 1st
Introduction to Business Computer Applications Karli Peshoff 1st
Journalism Juliana Broussard overall winner
Nutrition and Food Aidan Primeaux 1st
Physical Science Abby Caraway 3rd
Physics Katherine Jester 2nd
Psychology Claire Brescher 1st
Spanish I Chaise Sutherland 1st
Spanish II Ella Scroggs overall winner
Spanish III Trinity Foret 1st
Spanish IV Lily Derouen overall winner
World Geography Cody Lyons 1st
World History Riley Fontenot 2nd

Play and Speech Rally March 6:
Interpretive John Savoy 3rd place
Radio Quinn Marceaux 3rd place