Congratulations to the following St. Louis Catholic students who have advanced to the top 10 at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Conference in Lafayette!

  1. Who’s Who in FBLA                                              Julianna Broussard
  2. Ms. Future Business Leader                                Emma Faul
  3. Richard D. Clanton Memorial Award                Julianna Broussard
  4. Publication Design                                                 Torey Washington, Anaiya Turner, and Jorden Robinson
  5. Public Service Announcement                            Keajhanea Edwards, Mikayla Ned, Amya Allison
  6. Management Decision Making                           Celia Villaume, Landon Cooley, and Emma Faul
  7. Introduction to Business Presentation              Sydney Manuel, Isabel David, and Darren Metoyer
  8. Hospitality Management                                      Celia Villaume, Mary Dempsey, and Caroline Obluda
  9. Help Desk                                                                 Student A: J.R. Brandon             Student B: Julianna Broussard
  10. Global Business                                                      Landon Cooley, Jace Peloquin, and Brenon Nash
  11. Business Ethics                                                       J. R. Brandon, Jaden Gallien, and Torey Washington

Stay tuned for more news from the Awards Session March 26 as they work to qualify for national competition.