Blaine Wyninger has accepted the invitation to serve as Assistant Principal at St. Louis Catholic High School beginning in January 2020.

Mr. Wyninger comes to St. Louis Catholic with more than 15 years of education and coaching experience, mainly in a high school setting.  He and his wife, Denise, are the national coordinators for the Domestic Church movement in the United States, and they also serve their local church community in many other ways.  Currently a Special Education teacher, Mr. Wyninger will assist both our students and faculty in meeting the needs of all.  We welcome him into the St. Louis Catholic family and look forward to having him as part of our team!

Get to know Mr. Wyninger in this Q&A below:

Where are you most looking forward to making an impact at St. Louis Catholic?

-Continuing to build on the already solid Catholic identity that St. Louis has, and establishing relationships with the faculty, staff and student body. I’m looking forward to being there, seeing where the areas of need are, and discerning how best to use the gifts that I have, and develop the ones that I don’t have yet. 🙂

What is your favorite aspect of teaching?

-The money. (just kidding!) Establishing relationships with students, and hopefully having a positive impact on their development. I’ve been blessed to be around many good teachers in my career, and it is such a beautiful thing to see it done well. The impact that a teacher can have on a young person is tremendous, especially when the student knows that the teacher cares for them individually, and is passionate about what they are teaching them. When you’re able to do this, whether it is in coaching or teaching, it is a witness that stays with the child for years after they leave your classroom or team.

Favorite quote?

“The good man is the one who actually treats more important things as though they are more important.” -Socrates

Favorite food?

-Gumbo, particularly my wife’s.

What will we most likely find you doing on a weekend?

-Playing at home with my kids, walking around my neighborhood with my wife, drinking coffee throughout the day. By most standards, I’m a pretty boring person.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your ministry?

-My wife and I are involved in a ministry called Domestic Church, and we actually have a national role in it. Domestic Church seeks to promote holiness within marriage, by living out certain commitments that help one develop a prayer life, intimacy with their spouse, and establish more effective ways of communication with their spouse and children. We have been involved in DC for 8 years now, and I can’t even begin to describe the blessings that God has poured out to our family through it. If you are a sacramentally married couple (meaning your marriage is recognized by The Church), and you have a desire for a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, with your spouse, and better communication with those that you care the most about, it might something to look into. Click here to learn more.