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Biology literally means “the study of life.” This course explores cell structure and function, genetics, a taxonomic and physiological survey of each kingdom of living things; and a broad coverage of animal and plant structure and function. A hands-on approach to scientific discovery is stressed.
Credit 1 Grade 9
Prerequisite – None


Pre-AP Biology I includes emphasis on more in-depth studies of the fundamentals of life science. The course is designed to challenge students to a level of critical thinking and comprehension that will appropriately prepare them for AP Environmental Science and/or Honors Chemistry as well as other upper level courses. This course should be taken by those students whose academic record and science background indicate the ability to work at an advanced level. The course covers the same topics as biology but includes enrichment activities and additional project work on certain topics.
Credit 1 Grade 9
Prerequisite – Requests subject to approval of Science Dept., based on past test scores.


Physical science encompasses the basic principles and vocabulary of chemistry, physics, and earth and space science. This course is designed as a foundation upon which future science courses will be built. The logic and scientific approach will also expand intellectual processes that will affect one’s approach to everyday life situations. This course includes laboratory experiments and demonstrations, which enhance the understanding of the material presented.
Credit 1 Grade 10
Prerequisite – None


Chemistry will address the fundamental principles of chemistry and their application. Among these are chemical composition, atomic structure, properties and changes of matter, chemical nomenclature, formulas, reactions and stoichiometry. Development of logical thinking and practical application will be stressed. Laboratory experiments are designed to enhance a working knowledge of chemistry using the practical application of the scientific method.
Credit 1 Grade 11
Prerequisite-Completion of Physical Science


Honors Chemistry is taught at an accelerated pace with an emphasis on more in-depth understanding of concepts and explanations in all the branches of chemistry. Material is presented to challenge the student to maintain a very comprehensive recognition of previous knowledge and apply this to new concepts. Laboratory experiences stress the use of higher order thinking skills and practical application of class material. A research paper and presentation on a topic chosen by the student and approved by the teacher will be assigned to each student. The student is to educate his fellow classmates in his chosen area. Students having a grade of “A” in Biology I Pre-AP will be given priority.
Credit 1 Grade 10 or 11
Prerequisite-Completion of Biology I Pre AP-with a minimum of a ‘B’average; recommendation/approval of Science Department.


Environmental Science is designed to introduce students to the major ecological concepts and the environmental problems which affect the world in which they live. Students will be introduced to concepts involving population studies, biotic and abiotic factors in habitats, ecosystems and biomes, interrelationships among resources and environmental systems, and changes in the environment. Students will also study renewable and nonrenewable resources and how these topics will impact our future.
Credit 1 Grade 11-12
Prerequisite – Minimum of 2 science credits


Biology II Honors is an advanced course that presents a survey of the structure and function of the human body. This course is recommended for students with a strong interest in the medical field. Topics will include the basic plan and organization of the body, biochemistry, homeostasis, cell structure and function, histology, embryology, and an in-depth study of each of the organ systems and their interrelationships (integumentary, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, lymphatic, immune, urinary, and reproductive systems). Students must successfully complete animal dissections for this course.
Credit 1 Grade 11-12
Prerequisite-Completion of Biology I or Biology I Pre AP-with a minimumof a ‘B’ average and recommendation/approval of Science Department.


Biology AP is an expansion of the biological principles and concepts presented in Biology I and is designed to be the equivalent to an introductory college general biology course. The focus of this course is to provide students with a foundation in the conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical

skills needed in college. Topics include molecular biology, genetics, taxonomy, immunology, reproduction, and several animal dissections. Students admitted to Biology AP must:

  1. Have taken and passed Chemistry or Chemistry Honors with at least a “B+”
  2. Be willing and able to start each class at 7:30 on the days that the teacher specifies
  3. Be willing to do the homework assigned daily, including ancillary topics that will not be directly covered in class lecture.
  4. Successfully complete animal dissections.
  5. Have recommendation/approval of Science Dept.
  6. Although not required, it is beneficial to have completed or becurrently enrolled in Biology II Honors.
  7. Take the national advanced placement exam to receive APcredit. (cost is currently $94).

This class is often granted college credit if a successful grade, 3, 4, or 5, is attained on the College Board National Test given in May each year. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the institution which he/she plans to attend concerning its policy on awarding college credit for AP courses. Students must take the AP exam in May. No exemptions for exams or tests are allowed in this course.
Credit 1 Grade 12
Prerequisite – Recommendation/Approval of Science Dept.


Physics is the study of matter and all types of energy, mechanics, light and sound waves, electricity and circuitry, nuclear energy, and the laws governing their interplay. This class will cover in depth the topics of mechanics, which consists of such areas of study as motion, forces, work, and simple
machines. Demonstrations and experiments performed are an essential ingredient in the overall mastery of the subject. Physics is a laboratory science course that provides an understanding of many of the scientific principles we meet in our daily lives and helps to develop reasoning power by exposing the student to problem solving laboratory situations.

** Students will have the opportunity to take the AP exam in May. This class is often granted college credit if a successful grade, 3, 4, or 5, is attained on the College Board National Test given in May each year. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the institution which he/she plans to attend concerning its policy on awarding college credit for AP courses.

No exemptions for exams or tests are allowed in this course.
Credit 1 Grade 12
Prerequisite – Currently enrolled in or registered for Pre-Cal. Students registered in Advanced Math must have permission from Science and Math Department.


Chemistry II Honors is an advanced course designed to provide a general overview of organic chemistry. Topics include: atomic orbital theory, hybridization, comparison, and categorization of organic compounds by functional groups, reaction mechanisms, reaction rates, and conceptually synthesized compounds using reactions that have been studied. The course also extensively covers organic nomenclature. It is a rigorous course in second year chemistry specifically designed to prepare students for College Level Chemistry. Topics incorporated into the course include, but are not limited to, an in-depth study of stoichiometry, thermodynamics, kinetic molecular theory, atomic theory and theories of bonding, ionic equilibrium.
Credit 1 Grade 11-12
Prerequisite-Completion of both Chemistry I Honors and Algebra II with aminimum of a ‘B’ average; recommendation/approval of Science Department.