St. Louis Catholic soccer coach Jason Oertling achieved a personal milestone Tuesday night when the Saints shut out Menard, 5-0, in Lake Charles.  The victory was the 600th of Oertling’s 26-year coaching career – all at his alma mater St. Louis Catholic.

“This is a special group,” Oertling told the American Press. “This was our best performance of the year.  We have played a lot of great competition and have not been able to put everything together all at once.  This game, everything we have worked on all season long came together.  They know it is that time of the season with the playoffs coming up.”

Oertling added the players’ attitude keeps coaching fun.

“I’m still enjoying it,” he said. “I know I have been around for a very long time; I started young.  These kids are so fun to work with.  It is so enjoyable when you have kids who work like they do … I know it is a personal accomplishment, but to me 600 wins represents the fact that I have been around a group of kids that have been able to get 600 wins.  I don’t look at it as a personal accomplishment as much as an honor that I have been around the kids the whole time.  I have said all year long how special the program is, boys and girls.  This may be a coaching accomplishment, but I feel so fortunate to be around a group of kids like this.”

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