“Saints Read!” is our first attempt at St. Louis Catholic to facilitate a campus-wide common reading program designed to connect students, faculty/staff and parents around a single book – Breaking Free, by Saints chemistry teacher Caleb Monroe.  Want to participate?  Let us know by filling out the form here.  The first 5 students to participate will receive a free autographed copy of Breaking Free.

The Landry Library at St. Louis Catholic has two copies of Breaking Free to check out, or you can purchase the book at this link.  Follow our librarian Melanie LeJeune’s recommended reading schedule below, and join our school community for a “book-end party” with Mr. Monroe on Wednesday, April 3, before or after school.


Week of February 18 (this week): Chapters 1-3

Week of February 25: Chapters 4-6

Week of March 4: Chapters 7-11

Week of March 11: Chapters 12-14

Week of March 18: Chapters 15-17

Week of March 25: Chapters 18-20

Book End Party April 3: 7:20 a.m. or 2:40 p.m.