MARCH 16 UPDATE: Click HERE to access our Remote Learning Hub with daily updates, tips and more as we march on educating our Saints!

Dear Students and Parents:

As we move from face to face instruction to remote learning, we are developing an instructional plan to best fit our school community’s needs.   This plan is a collaboration between faculty and neighboring Catholic High Schools, as well as area universities. As the plan evolves, we must remember to be flexible and supportive.  This will require problem solving and a mindset shift from all. By utilizing our technology and staff, I believe our students and school will continue to excel. Like other Catholic high schools and universities throughout the state, we are more than equipped for this type of situation and will continue instruction. The technology utilized daily at school will allow us to continue instruction. Just one more reason why SLCHS is a great school choice. What a blessing!

Key personnel will be available at St. Louis Catholic High School during this time with modified hours of operation. (March 16 UPDATE: During this time of school closure, St. Louis Catholic’s office will be open Tuesday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

As we prepare to move to remote learning here are some basic guidelines:

    • While we’ve worked collaboratively to create a path forward, we realize that this process must be flexible and fluid.  We ask that all participants keep an open mind and communicate any concerns and ideas to best serve our students
    • Faculty and staff will continue to work. Communication via email will continue
    • Students will be given modified assignments via remote learning that will count towards Q4, final grade and competition of courses. Specific guidance will be forthcoming. Faculty and staff are working to prepare such lessons
    • Lessons will likely come in the form of “weekly assignments” and will be self-paced. Instructors will provide all necessary resources and guidance for completion of lessons
    • Instructors will closely monitor work completed and student engagement via resources and tools provided. Parents will be included in communication of weekly assignments
    • Instruction will begin later next week
    • Attendance will be taken through work completed. Most of the programs used have timestamps available
  • All nonessential extracurricular activities will either be postponed or canceled. As time passes, we will make those determinations
  • LHSAA has released a statement here and more information on athletics will be communicated as it becomes available

During this month, it will be imperative that open communication between student, parent, instructor, leadership and support staff be a priority.  Having students take ownership and responsibility for their learning will be one more step in creating independent learners and better prepare them for post-secondary work. Finally, we must stay focused on learning and not fall into the mindset of summer vacation. I suggest families set up a daily schedule, dedicating specific times for schoolwork. While the classes will not be at set times like on-campus instruction, students should continue to think of their days as if they have a set schedule.

More information will be given as the week progresses.  I thank you all for your patience and support.  We have a wonderful school community and I have no doubt that we will continue to improve and excel as the month goes on. We will continue to keep everyone informed in the week ahead.

Have a good weekend.


Mia Orgeron