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Head Coach: Cord Larsen

2016-2017: Inaugural year

Powerlifting is a sport that tests the strength of an athlete with 3 separate lifts: the squat, bench and deadlift. Each lifter has three attempts at each, and the best successful lift of each is recorded. The total per pound from each lift goes towards the athlete’s score. The athletes compete in their own weight class, but their point total counts toward the team total.

2016-2017 Powerlifters

  • Andrew Kay
  • Tanner Foreman
  • Johnny Lavergne
  • Thomas Kratz
  • Jack Slade
  • Luke Queenan
  • Lex Martin
  • Will Upshaw

2016-17 Meets

1.Billy Jack Talton Hall of Fame Meet
-Tanner Forman- 3 rd place finisher at 148 weight class

2. West Regional
-State Qualifiers- Johnny Lavergne, Luke Queenan, Jack Slade

3. State Meet
– Johnny Lavergne 4th place finish 165