August 5, 2021: St. Louis Catholic High School 

We are excited to announce the addition of twelve new and three returning faculty members to
the SLCHS community! They participated in three days of training last week with Melanie
Lejeune, Emily Pettaway, and department chairs, and they are eager to work with our students
and staff.

1. Shawn Baggett, our new Geometry teacher, has over 30 years of experience. She was
classroom teacher, assistant principal, and most recently, the principal at Merryville
High School. Mrs. Baggett is excited to be back in the classroom and share her love of

2. John Dugas is the new English II Advanced and English III teacher. He comes to SLCHS
from S.J. Welsh. He has a B.A. in English with a concentration in Secondary Education.Mr. Dugas is excited to share his love of English and literature with his students.

3. John Souder moved to Lake Charles in 2009 to work as a chemical engineer at PPG. He
entered formation for the diocese for several years before “discerning out” to further
discern God’s call for him. He is now in residence at the Cathedral as he hopes to reenter formation next year. He was raised near Knoxville, TN and has five siblings. His
hobbies include cooking, gardening, and reading.

4. Alex Kjellsten, SLCHS alum and former Athletic Director at ICCS, will be joining the
Social Studies and Athletic Departments. Coach Kjellsten is looking forward to a
successful year in World Geography, and he is excited about returning to his alma mater
as an assistant coach for football and soccer.

5. Michael Abshire-We welcome Mike Abshire to the St. Louis Catholic community! Coach Abshire is a seasoned teacher and coach, with over 30 years of teaching experience,  17 of those in Special Education. As the Transitions teacher and an assistant football and baseball coach, Coach Abshire looks forward to working with many of our students.

6. Brock Matherne joins us as the Head Football Coach from Cecilia High School. He has a
B.S. from Troy University and has coached football for nine years. Coach Matherne is
excited about leading the Saints to victory this fall.

7. Caitlin McCormick is passionate about science and is the founder of a scientific literary
initiative, CM Loves Science. Ms. McCormick has a Bachelors and Masters of Science
from Tulane University, developed curriculum at the Audubon Zoo, and taught at the
Dunham School in Baton Rouge. She will be teaching Biology I and Environmental
Science along with working with the girls’ soccer team.

8. Kacy Aycock is the new Counselor for last names A-J. She previously worked at Vinton
Middle School, and she is eager to work with our students in planning their postsecondary endeavors.

9. Hannah Guth, our English I teacher, is the former youth minister at OLQH Church. She
has a B.A. in Theology from the University of Dallas, and she is currently pursuing her
Master’s in Education from McNeese. Ms. Guth is looking forward to sharing her love of
literature with students while infusing our Catholic identity into the curriculum.

10. Jack Vanchiere will be joining us part-time in the English Department. A SLCHS grad,
Jack will be teaching the Dual Enrollment English 101 & 102 classes on campus while
also teaching at McNeese.

11. Erica Barrios will be teaching Spanish I and II. Senora Barrios joins us from ICCS and
has worked closely with our Spanish teachers to ensure alignment of curriculum. As a
mother of two SLCHS students, she is looking forward to seeing her daughters on

Returning new:
12. Darren Alcock, a math professor at McNeese, will be returning as a part-time teacher this
year to teach Algebra III. Mr. Alcock is excited to be back at SLCHS and is looking
forward to the upcoming year.

13. Kevin Lambert will join us as a permanent member of our faculty. He will continue
teaching Advanced Math, and he will be adding AP World History to his schedule. Mr.
Lambert is excited to continue his journey as a math teacher, and he is ready for the
challenge of World History after his AP Summer Institute training with Rice University.

14. Casey Thompson will be returning to SLCHS after a hiatus of nine years at home with
her children. She will be teaching English I Advanced, and her children, James & Millie,
are excited to have their mom on campus.