It’s no secret that St. Louis Catholic High School is a special place.  You could even say it’s magical.

Wednesday’s speaker series across campus drove that home for students and faculty alike, as several alumni and teachers led morning seminars on a variety of topics including service and faith, real strength, divine pursuit, self-love, relationships, and two women’s only sessions (on confidence – hosted by Math Teacher Rebecca Manns, and Woman 360 – hosted by New Life Counseling).  A group of Saints teachers (Mary Villaume, Kathy Owen, Matt Fontenot, Josh Thompson & Katie Fournet) also hosted a panel called “Ask Me (Almost) Anything” in the Commons.

Nicole Miller ’88, wife of Saints Media Arts teacher Robbie Austin ’90, and former Mayor Randy Roach co-hosted the Service & Faith session, called “Faith Acts.”  Miller said it was a profound topic to discuss with the students of her alma mater.

“It’s come full circle for me,” she said. “Truly serving God should be a transformative experience that by immersing ourselves in an act of service, we are the ones who are changed, either in a trivial way maybe by learning to understand another culture, or in a bigger way by truly seeing Jesus in the face of someone else.  Serving should be opening yourself up to be vulnerable.”

View a photo gallery of the speaker session below.