St. Louis Catholic High School awarded English and Latin teacher Mary Villaume the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year Award on Thursday, May 23, at a faculty luncheon at Harlequin Steaks & Seafood.

Faculty and staff members cast their votes for this award to honor the school’s best educators.  Villaume said her grandmother first inspired her to pursue education, and she began teaching at St. Louis Catholic five years ago.  Villaume’s husband, Nick, is a Saints alumnus, along with her son George (2017), and her daughter Celia will graduate in 2020.

“My grandmother was a teacher, then she went back to school in her 70s to get her master’s degree in library science, so being around her love of learning really sparked my love of learning,” Villaume said.  “I hope to inspire others to love to learn as well.  When I approach education, I don’t approach it as, ‘Look at all these things I can teach you.  I approach it as, ‘Here are some things; let’s learn together.’  There’s that quote – ‘not the sage on the stage, but the guide on the side.’  I tend to lean more toward guide on the side.”

Villaume taught English III, Latin I, Latin II and Latin III this school year, and she moderates the Junior Classical League and co-moderates National Honor Society at St. Louis Catholic.  She said integrating technology and cross-curricular collaboration are big priorities for her in the classroom.

“Mary approaches her teaching ministry with incredible zeal,” said Andrew R. Bradley, Principal of St. Louis Catholic High School.  “She represents St. Louis Catholic as an enthusiastic follower of Christ to everyone she meets.  Her commitment to her craft inspires us all to work harder and be better.  She loves all of her students, and they know it.  We are proud to honor Mary Villaume with our Teacher of the Year Award.”