As the U.S. gears up for a Presidential election this year, St. Louis Catholic’s AP Government & Politics class held a “Super Tuesday” viewing party March 3.

Mrs. Barbara Dupont’s class gathered together in the school’s Landry Library to watch results of states’ primary elections on varying television networks and wrote reflections on their experience.  Sophomore Brennan Welsh said the class has enhanced his interest in politics.

“Because a class like AP Government exists where we get to experience events like debates, elections and Super Tuesday, our generation will be more appreciative and have a better understanding of what our ancestors fought for to preserve this country,” Welsh said.

Junior Kate Kolessar said being politically informed at events like Super Tuesday, when 14 states and one U.S. territory held nominating contests to award 1,357 delegates in the Democratic Presidential Primary, helps Americans like her make informed votes.  Jules LeJeune added that AP Government at SLCHS helps students discover who they are politically.

“Super Tuesday was a great way for us to discover more about what we do, do not and will never support,” LeJeune said.  “The best part about AP Government is that it will never be biased toward one party or toward independents.  The environment is all about changing perspective, which goes hand in hand with one of St. Louis Catholic’s major themes this year.”

Sophomore Savanna Goss said she’s learned a great deal after just a few months in AP Government & Politics at St. Louis Catholic.

“By participating in various activities, including baking a federalism cake and having a Super Tuesday party at school, I have grown in my knowledge of how our government works and how much of the government’s ability to run comes from the people,” Goss said.