National Honor Society sponsors TWIRP Week, and the 2019 TWIRP Court was crowned after Mass Wednesday.

All students with a 3.5 GPA and above go on the ballot for voting, and each grade votes on students to represent their class on the TWIRP Court.  The senior queen was Elise Bourque, and two senior kings were crowned – Andrew Castle and Colin Schram.

Freshmen TWIRP court members (left to right) are Brennan Welsh, William Millican, Thomas Lavergne, Myca Trail, Alyssa Morton and Gretchen Hanley.  Sophomores are Matthew Aleshire, Will Canup, Ivan Appleton, J.D. Self, Wesley Maze, Reem Husein, Trinity Foret and Mary Dempsey.  Juniors are Lucas Manuel, Gabe Meyer, Joseph Belcher, Zach Benoit, Madeline Stickell, Abbie Lechtenberg, Abigail Fontenot, Alivia Mudd and Grace Theriot.  Seniors are Benji Chatters, Andrew Castle, Elise Bourque, Colin Schram, Preston Blanchard, Alexandria Goodly, Emily Graham, Emma Kuehn and Grace Chapman.

2019 Freshman TWIRP court

2019 Sophomore TWIRP court

2019 Junior TWIRP court

2019 Senior TWIRP court

There will be no TWIRP (The Woman Is Required To Pay) Dance this year because Prom is Feb. 23.  However, Thursday, Feb. 7, is College/Career Day, and Friday, Feb. 8, is a Spirit Dress Day for students.