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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (DE) is the enrollment of a high school student in a college course for which dual credit (both college and high school credit) is attempted and recorded on both the student’s secondary and post-secondary academic record. A college course offered for Dual Enrollment is: (1) an on-site or online
college course taught by the post-secondary institution, or (2) a specially scheduled college course taught at the high school. Post-secondary institutions must adhere to Board of Regents Policy and must comply with all accreditation requirements for awarding credit.

St. Louis Catholic students in Dual Enrollment courses receive grades from McNeese State University. Grades for those courses are determined by the university criteria. Students are reminded that all Dual Enrollment grades will be included on all future college transcripts and may affect a student’s TOPS status the first semester of college.

Minimum requirements to take DE courses (set by Board of Regents)
 GPA 2.75
 Composite ACT score – 19
 Math ACT score –19
 English ACT score – 18

MSU Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Course Offerings

Information taken from St. Louis Catholic Course Planning Guide, which is available on our website here.

Fall Semester: 
MATH 113 – College Algebra
MATH 170 – Trigonometry (Precalculus)
ART 251 – Creative Arts, Culture & Community
PSYCHOLOGY 101 – Intro to Psychology
RELIGION 201 – World Religions
FRENCH 201 – Intermediate French I
LATIN 201 – Intermediate Latin I
ENGLISH 101 – Elementary Composition I

Spring Semester:
MATH 231 – Introduction to Statistics
MATH 175 – Algebra & Trigonometry (Precalculus)
PSYCHOLOGY 101 – Intro to Psychology
ART 251 – Creative Arts, Culture & Community
PHILOSOPHY 201 – Intro to Philosophy
FRENCH 202 – Intermediate French II
LATIN 202 – Intermediate Latin II
ENGLISH 102 – Elementary Composition II