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Dual Enrollment

Spring 2019 Course Offerings

MATH 113 – College Algebra

Fundamental algebraic operations, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities with applications, radical and rational equations, functions (exponential and logarithmic), graphing, zeros of polynomials, systems of equations and inequalities.
Credit 1 Grade 11-12

MATH 175 – Precalculus

Trigonometry, circular functions, and analytic geometry.
Credit 1 Grade 11-12

STATISTICS 231- Elementary Probability and Statistical Inference

Calculation of simple probability in discrete and continuous variable cases. Descriptive statistics, measures of central tendency, binomial, Poisson and normal distributions. Testing hypotheses using normal deviate and t-statistics.
Credit 1 Grade 11-12

ART 251 – Introduction to Visual Arts

Basic elements and principles of the visual arts; the vocabulary of art; appreciation and understanding of diverse styles and mediums of art, past and present; developing visual literacy. Includes opportunities to experience art (reproductions and/or live) and lab experiences. (High School transcript will show Fine Arts Survey)
Credit 1 Grade 11-12

PHILOSOPHY 201 – Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophical problems including such topics as the existence of God, the nature of the human mind, free will and determinism, and the foundations of knowledge and ethics.
Credit 1 Grade 12

PSYCHOLOGY 101 – Introduction to Psychology

Provides an understanding of human behavior and lays a foundation for additional work in psychology.
Credit 1 Grade 11-12