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Our mission as school counselors at St. Louis Catholic High School is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that attends to the personal/social, academic and career preparation/college planning needs of all students. Our goal is to promote a commitment to life-long learning, personal, and academic growth and to aid students in becoming responsible, culturally aware and productive members of society.


  • All students can achieve and be successful learners.
  • The school counselors’ primary purpose is to advocate for the student.
  • School counselors adhere to the Louisiana State Standards for School Counseling Programs and to the American School Counselor Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • The School Counseling Program is a critical component within the school system and is integral to the academic, personal/social, and career development and progress of each student.
  • The School Counseling Program helps build a positive school environment by encouraging collaboration among counselors, teachers, administrators, parents and the community to further student achievement.
  • The School Counseling Program utilizes the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Model.
  • The comprehensive School Counseling Program is continuously refined and improved through systematic review and evaluation of data.

The Team

Susan Holmes

Counselor for A-J


337.436.7275 ext. 228

Maci David

Counselor for K-Z


337.436.7275 ext. 235

Tricia Barrow

Dual Enrollment Liaison & AP Coordinator


337.436.7275 ext. 269

Heather Fruge

Counseling Team Secretary


337.436.7275 ext. 236