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Saints Opportunities


Students at St. Louis Catholic are full of Saints pride.  With 28 organizations to join, students have a wide variety to meet each individual preference.

Works with the Office of Advancement to promote St. Louis Catholic High School at Advancement and Alumni events and also in the Saints community.

Sponsors: Heather Ieyoub

Promotes service and social events with present and past St. Louis Catholic students.  Art Show is held at the end of each year.

Sponsor: Stephanie Robertson

2-4 students from each grade level serve on the Saints Library Advisory Board.  They are nominated by teachers or selected by Library Media Specialist Melanie LeJeune.  The Board meets twice a year, advising on how to make the Library more engaging for all students.

Sponsor: Melanie LeJeune

Sponsor: Elizabeth “Bit” Thompson

Sponsor: Stephen Starr

Leads cheers and chants and rallying enthusiasm from the crowds during sporting events.  Cheer Tryout Information.

Sponsor: Elaina Kilpatrick

Sponsor: Warren Buller

Promotes interest in theater and the dramatic arts through participation in various school events, Arts Fest, District Play Rally, student productions and other events in the community.

Sponsor: Colette Tanner

Future Business Leaders of America.

Sponsor: Ashley Lavine

Fostering Language, Learning, & Love In People (FLIP), this program’s mission is to model Christ, enhance school community, and enrich the lives of all students by providing opportunities for our Transitions students to partner with typical peers in mainstream classroom settings and beyond, thereby fostering fulfillment in every student.  Seniors must sign up, attend a one-day training program (provided by St. Nicholas Center for Children) and be willing to use an off period to go into regular classes and assist Transitions students.

Sponsor: Tanya France; founded by Class of 2020 senior Alivia Mudd

Increases awareness of the importance of the French language and the value of different francophone cultures.

Meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 a.m. in room 37.

Sponsor: Holley Pierce

Increases socialization and friendships between Transitions students and the St. Louis Catholic High School student body through various programs and activities.

Sponsor: Tanya France

Future Health Professionals is a national organization of secondary and post-secondary students that supports career development in health professions and improvement of health services delivery to the general population.

Sponsor: Cathy Richard

A collection of 6 Houses building a cohesive foundation to support one St. Louis Catholic High School and “Honor and Praise God…in all ways”.   More Information

Focuses on increasing awareness of the heritage of the Latin language and Roman culture in modern life.

Sponsor: Mary Kate Core

Participates in events in the Greater Lake Charles area. Main focus is on children’s issues and charities.

Sponsor: Laurie McNally

Recognizes past advanced level work and gives extended mathematical work in Calculus.


Encourages growth in service, scholarship, leadership and character while providing tutoring service to students.  Please click here for selection procedures.

Sponsors: Melanie LeJeune

Participates in team competitions with a format similar to the Jeopardy game.

Sponsor: Caleb Monroe

Performs rock/pop cover tunes in band type format. Entertains at many school and community functions.

Sponsor: Randall Edwards

Increases awareness of the importance of the Spanish language and the value of different Hispaniola cultures.

Sponsor: Katie Fournet

A co-curricular competitive band that performs at athletic events and school and community functions – and is the Spirit of St. Louis Catholic High School

Sponsor: Amina Flore

Represents and coordinates student activities such as Homecoming and other school-related activities.

Sponsor: Dee Butts

Promotes the belief in dignity of life from conception to natural death.

Sponsor: Kathy Owen

Performs as a dance line at athletic events and school functions, attends contests, and performs at community events.

Sponsors: Dee Butts

Click here for more information on about Sweethearts.

Publishes information about St. Louis Catholic through the student newspaper.

Sponsor: Mary Vaughn

Provides St. Louis Catholic with a yearbook as a result of work of students enrolled in the “Publications” class.

Sponsor: Monica Core