St. Louis Catholic FBLA competed at the Louisiana FBLA State Virtual Conference from Wednesday, March 24-Wednesday, March 31. Students competed on the SLC campus by taking written tests, having live interviews, giving live and pre-recorded presentations and speeches. Here are this year’s stats:

  • 62 competitors
  • 4th place in Largest Chapter Membership in the state
  • 60 placements
  • 4 first place winners
  • 26 events qualify for national competition (highlighted in yellow)

Louisiana FBLA had approximately 900 competitors from 46 schools in the state

Way to go Future Business Leaders of America St. Louis Chapter!

Go Saints! We are proud of you! 🧡💙


Louisiana FBLA Virtual State Conference Results
Largest Local Chapter Membership Fourth Place
Event Name Ranking
Advertising Jade B. Sixth
Banking & Financial Systems Shelby W. First
Business Communication J.R. B. Third
Business Communication Kaia A. Fourth
Business Ethics Nicholas U. Second
Business Law Peter O. Fourth
Business Law J.R. B. Eighth
Client Service Peter O. Second
Computer Applications Jake S. Fifth
Computer Applications Kristen G. Ninth
Computer Problem Solving Joshua F. Third
Computer Problem Solving Callen H. Ninth
Cyber Security Andrew L. Ninth
Economics Vean R. Second
Entrepreneurship Emma D., Walter R., and Darren M. Sixth
Entrepreneurship Logan B., Mika D., and Nicholas U. Seventh
Help Desk Molly I. First
Help Desk Julian J. Eighth
Hospitality Management Chaise S. Fourth
Insurance and Risk Management Kate A. Fourth
Insurance and Risk Management Myca T. Eighth
Insurance and Risk Management Silas D. Tenth
International Business Hayden J. and Holden J. Third
International Business Megan U. Fifth
Introduction to Business Mary Claire O. Sixth
Introduction to Business Presentation Matthew G. Third
Introduction to Business Procedures Reese D. Tenth
Introduction to Event Planning Asha A., Annie G., and Mary Claire O. Second
Introduction to FBLA Silas D. Fifth
Introduction to FBLA Asha A., Annie G., and Mary Claire O. Sixth
Introduction to Financial Math Katie W. Ninth
Introduction to Information Technology Malia H. Fourth
Introduction to Information Technology Kate A. Sixth
Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure Annie H. Third
Journalism Kaia A. Third
Management Decision Making Christian W. Second
Management Decision Making Mika D. Third
Marketing Sofie S. Fourth
Marketing Chaise S. Fifth
Mr. FBL Julian J. Sixth
Networking Infastructures Tyler A. Fifth
Organizational Leadership Christian W. Sixth
Personal Finance Molly I. Fifth
Personal Finance Saizar B. Seventh
Personal Finance Xander K. Tenth
Political Science Vean R. Second
Public Speaking Darren M. Fourth
Publication Design Katie R., Malia H., and Emma M. First
Securities & Investments Ailani F. Tenth
Social Media Strategies Sophie S. and Annie H. First
Sports & Entertainment Management Tyler A., Kyler C., Adyn G. Ninth
Sports & Entertainment Management Jules H., Stephen K., and Xander K. Tenth
Spreadsheet Applications Joshua F. Third
Spreadsheet Applications Saizar B. Fourth
Spreadsheet Applications Jade B. Seventh
Supply Chain Management Karli P. Fifth
Supply Chain Management Hayden J. and Holden J. Seventh
Supply Chain Management Holden J. Eighth
Word Processing Kristen G. Seventh


Survibin’ Senior Retreat

Survibin’ Senior Retreat

This year’s Senior Retreat theme was Survibin’. It’s what we’ve been doing this past year. Whether in the trenches or the clouds, we’ve yearned for and wondered where that Mighty Wind will carry us. Born from the discussions at a Reflection Day with Freshmen, the theme carried through Monday and Tuesday’s prayerful and playful activities. Though a different format for different times, camaraderie abounded, bringing together a resilient class. Near the Retreat’s conclusion, a string of words cinched us together, “This was a childhood dream.” Keep survive-in, vibe-in, and dream-in, you irrepressible Class of 2021.

A Retreat of Community & Faith~Junior Class

A Retreat of Community & Faith~Junior Class

Our Junior Class Retreat was a day of community and focus on our Catholic faith.  We began with mass at the Cathedral, where Father Jeff Starkovich celebrated and gave a moving homily that challenged students to pattern themselves after Christ in loving others more than love of self.  Junior Allie McCall especially was moved by the mass experience and had the following to say, “Junior retreat was very eye opening.  I learned a lot about myself and God.”  Students then were brought to Dry Creek Baptist Camp to break open the theme and begin their day of activities which ranged from shelter building to sharing our struggles with one another to patterning our lives after those who embody holiness. 

Sirach 6:14 states “Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter, he who finds one finds a treasure.”   Students were challenged to be a shelter for one another so that their burdens may be lightened.  They were also challenged in their small groups to build a shelter with limited supplies.  The shelters were weather tested for its ability to be wind and rain proof.  This activity helped Junior Thomas Watson work with his team through a given challenge despite having limited supplies.  It also moved the students to see beyond problems to be able to work within a community.  

Students also had moments of encounter with one another and shared stories from their own lives and their challenges.  When listening to and sharing struggles, students learned more empathy for their fellow classmates.  Michael Benoit stated, “The activities helped us to get to know the struggles of our classmates and be more aware of them which helped us to see that we are not alone.” Classmates were also able to connect also during free time in a fun game of Gaga Ball.  Luke Monlezun felt like it was a great time of bonding through friendly competition.  


The beauty of the day was embodied through the joy in students’ faces.  They truly enjoyed a day free of phones and technology and were able to connect in a meaningful way.  Anna Guidry stated it best when she said, “The Junior Retreat was so memorable.  I really like how the theme of community connected us as a class”.  This day set apart in nature enabled our Junior Saints to see God’s handiwork in one another and the beauty that each of us brings to everyday life. 

Donor Gives Nearly $2 Million to Fund Up to 400 Scholarships in the Diocese

Donor Gives Nearly $2 Million to Fund Up to 400 Scholarships in the Diocese



Deadline to apply is April 15


Lake Charles, La (March 12, 2021) – Up to nearly 400 students will have an opportunity to earn scholarships to attend Catholic schools this Fall within the Diocese of Lake Charles, thanks to the generosity of a patron giving a $1.8 million donation. The family, who wishes to remain anonymous, made the generous gift through ACE Scholarships, which provides children of low-income families access to quality education through its scholarship program.

“This incredible gift to our community comes at a time when Southwest Louisiana families are most profoundly in need, and this patron’s investment in their future is evidence of deep faith in the educational excellence of our diocesan schools,” said Bishop Glen John Provost. “Because of this generosity, families unable to afford Catholic school will find the assistance they need to make the best choice for their children. We urge families considering our Catholic schools to seek us out and seize this blessed opportunity.”

Students in grades K-8 receive up to $4,200 and students entering grades 9-12 receive up to $4,500 toward tuition. Families interested in applying for tuition assistance through ACE Scholarships must apply for enrollment at their school of choice and apply separately for a scholarship through ACE at https://www.acescholarships.org/become-a-scholar/louisiana/.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship for the 2021-22 academic school year is April 15, 2021.

“The gift of a quality education is a precious thing,” said ACE Scholarships President Arthur Dupré, “and this private donor’s desire to help Lake Charles and all the surrounding communities in Southwest Louisiana by investing in educational opportunity – particularly via the Diocese – will directly transform so many children’s lives. This donation is a testament to Bishop Provost’s leadership in ensuring academic excellence, and we at ACE Scholarships are proud to partner with the Diocese to open new doors for these families and these children. We look forward to helping enrich these young minds through a solid education and empowering them with access to the schools of their dreams.”

To qualify for an ACE Scholarship, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Your child must be a resident of Louisiana.
  2. Your family income is less than the amount listed in the chart (See link above).
  3. One of the following statements must be true:
    1. Your child attended a Louisiana public school during the 2020-2021 school year.
    2. Your child participated in the Louisiana Scholarship Program/Tuition Donation Credit Program during the 2020-21 school year.
    3. Your child will be attending kindergarten for the first time during the 2021-22 school year.

For more information, please contact the Office of Catholic Schools (337-376-0603 ext. 400).

English IV Literature & Catholic Identity

English IV Literature & Catholic Identity

English IV is currently reading excerpts from Frankenstein along with pairing excerpts from Paradise Lost. With our department aligning to our Catholic identity, both books celebrate the protagonists’ strong will to search and shape one’s identity. We, as teachers, are able to hone in on several Catholic curriculum standards such as: strengthening moral character, the importance of good vs. evil between man and the physical world, and human conditions, behaviors, and actions. John Milton’s characters from Paradise Lost are echoed in Frankenstein as God, Satan, and Adam. Students are comparing and contrasting situations in both pieces and applying situations with a true vision of our Catholic identity. One theme the students analyze is the goodness of nature and the limitations of science in relation to nature. This idea is very much present during the Romantic Literary Period of the novel’s inception; however, this is a deeply Catholic theme: the goodness of nature. Much more than a reaction to the industrialization and materialization of the day, the creation of the Monster by Frankenstein represents an adulteration of the nature of life. Life is created good by God, our Creator, and He brings forth ‘good fruit’ through His creatures. Students walked through passages in the novel that demonstrate how when life is altered by man (science in the novel), it lacks the goodness intended and present from its true Creator, God. What follows is the monster Frankenstein creates, and its life is a source of sorrow to itself and man.

Thursday & Friday Lessons

Thursday & Friday Lessons


Saints Students, Parents, and Faculty,

We pray that you are staying warm and well during yet another hurdle in this school year. To conserve instructional time and stay on track for the third quarter, all teachers will provide students with an asynchronous lesson in their class Team by noon on Thursday, February 18. These lessons will provide quality instructional materials and are to be completed at the student’s own pace. Teachers will be available via email for student questions during normal school hours on Thursday and Friday (8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.), and students are encouraged to work on these assignments during these times while teachers are available for questions and video chats as needed. Contact your student’s teacher, counselor, or the Dean of Academics, Emily Pettaway, if you have any questions or concerns, and if you have specific issues that prevent your child from completing their assignments, please let us know.


Thank you,

SLCHS Administration

Saints Serving Our 4-Legged Friends

Saints Serving Our 4-Legged Friends
Giving back 💙🤲🧡
Students at St. Louis Catholic are encouraged to do service projects and family and consumer science teacher Barbara McHale worked with her class to find a way to put their new cooking skills to use. “I felt we’ve received so much from our community, through the state and even out of state in the means of monetary donations, supplies and labor that it was time for the students to come up with a service project.”
The class settled on serving local animals who have also experienced the effects of post-hurricane life.
Students worked and delivered the treats to Hobo Hotel and Cydi’s Adoption Dogs & Brima Strays. Dharma Brassieur, an 11th grader at SLC, assisted with the delivery of the treats.
Brassieur’s family regularly fosters animals in preparation for their adoption. After her most recent volunteer visit to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Animal Services And Adoption Center, she says caring for abandoned animals may be more important than ever now.

Senior Graduation Packet Orders

Senior Graduation Packet Orders
  1. SENIORS – please go to https://heygrad.net/ and fill out the information now. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to complete the information at the website – THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU WILL PLACE YOUR ORDER.
  2. Graduation packets will be handed out during class.
  3. You may order online or turn in an order.
  4. Senior Orders: Monday, February 8th 11:00-1:00 at school
  5. Senior Orders: Thursday, February 18th 11:00-1:00 at school
  6. Please see senior video link. https://tinyurl.com/y68a6vfs
  7. The SLC order link to order online. https://tinyurl.com/yxsgjqdu scroll down to GRADPACKS / CAPS AND GOWNS
  8. The announcements pictured on the website are not the SLC announcements. You still choose it and it will come as a SLC announcement. Your students name will be printed inside so name cards are not needed.

Junior Ring Orders

Junior Ring Orders
  1. All Juniors should go to https://heygrad.net/ and fill out the information as soon as possible. It is important that Graduate Sales has your information to assist in your order for this year and next year as you prepare to graduate!
  2. You may order online or turn in an order.
  3. Ring packets will be handed out during class.
  4. Ring Orders: Monday, February 8th 11:00-1:00 at school
  5. Ring Orders: Thursday, February 18th 11:00-1:00 at school
  6. Class Ring video link. https://tinyurl.com/yy65yetg
  7. The SLC order link to order online. https://tinyurl.com/yxsgjqdu

Rebuilding Statement

Rebuilding Statement

February 1, 2021

Following the devastation to St. Louis Catholic High School from Hurricane Laura, a task force was assembled to study the requisites of rebuilding a modern high school in the Southwest Louisiana area. The Diocese of Lake Charles and St. Louis Catholic High School are happy to announce that two viable options have been presented to the Board of Pastors and to Bishop Provost for review. These options will be discussed at community listening sessions in the coming weeks. Thank you to the St. Louis community for your continued interest in and support for our beloved school, especially as we celebrate Catholic Schools Week and continue to Honor and Praise God, In All Ways.