SLCHS Community,

Waking at 3:00 a.m. isn’t unusual for me, especially at the beginning of the school year and this morning was no different except my thoughts WERE much different than other years. The original black-eyed Saint came to mind because during my first year at SLCHS I inquired about the unusual mascot and this morning it became clear. A Saint, even wounded, is just a sinner who refuses to stay knocked down. We’re fighting Saints and now more than ever let’s dust off our wounds and prepare for the road ahead. People have been so gracious in offering assistance and reaching out. Currently we’ve secured a company for mitigating damages and clean up. Only they are allowed on campus because the job is too large and dangerous for volunteers. Please, please stay away. Though our school facility received more damage than others in the area, we are equipped to begin school virtually as soon as the city’s infrastructure is restored. Although it’s too early to speculate about the entire year, the administration is committed to providing face to face instruction knowing a vibrant student life is what makes SLCHS more than a school; it creates family. We are exploring all possibilities. To summarize, our leadership team is handling everything from facility restoration, academic possibilities and community outreach. What each of you can do is continue to pray for our community, reach out with ideas and or needs, and wait for further updates. Most importantly, take care of your own family with patience and mercy. These are trying times for sure.
Administration contacts:
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It’s always a great day to be a Saint.

Mia Orgeron Touchet