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-Scholarships & Financial Aid

St. Louis Catholic High School and the St. Louis Catholic Foundation raise funds and provide opportunities for students to defray the cost of their tuition. Additionally, St. Louis students benefit from a variety of available scholarships and financial aid opportunities. 

Qualifying and Applying for Tuition Assistance

In order to receive tuition assistance, students must:
  • Complete the FACTS application process by April 15, 2022.
  • Provide the previous year’s W2 forms and tax returns, as stated in the FACTS application. 
  • Complete the application fee of $35 at the time of application. 
  • Be a currently enrolled student at St. Louis Catholic High School OR have an active admissions application on file. 
  • Demonstrate a need as determined by FACTS and the St. Louis Catholic High School Tuition Assistance Committee.

Endowed Scholarships

These scholarships, made possible through generous donations to the St. Louis Catholic Foundation, provide tuition assistance and allow us to welcome into our faith community deserving students who may not otherwise have access to a Catholic education. There are currently 21 scholarships available to students who meet criteria as outlined by each donor. Students are considered for these scholarships based on their FACTS applications

Scholarships currently available at St. Louis Catholic High School in memory or honor of:
  • 25th Anniversary Scholarship
  • Adam Puckett
  • Alton & Gisele Puckett
  • Alverdy Heyd Veron
  • Beatina & Thomas K. O’Carroll
  • Deacon Glenn Viau
  • Douglas Earl Veron
  • Elizabeth & Jacque de la Bretonne
  • ERDACE Family
  • Ethel & Henry “Doc” Mancuso
  • Geri Christ & Lester M. Landry
  • Gertrude Joffrion Winter
  • Glendon L. Smith
  • Gloria & George J. John
  • Juanita Hebert & A.M. Stelly
  • Judge Earl E. Veron
  • Mike & Dee Haley
  • Pam Gabriel LeBlanc
  • Patricia Petty Engel
  • Phillip E. Ribbeck
  • Vida & Robert Pumpelly

Louisiana Scholarship Program

The Louisiana Scholarship Program empowers families who wish to exercise their school choice prerogative. Click here for more information. 

Ace Scholarships

The Ace Scholarship program is committed to helping low-income parents provide their children with a great education at a school of their choice. Please note that both current ACE families and new applicants must submit a $35 application fee for the upcoming school year.  Click here for more information or to apply. 

Figaro Scholarship

The Figaro Scholarship is for African-American and Native American Catholic students. For more information, please contact Deacon Ed Lavine, director of cultural diversity at the Diocese of Lake Charles, at 337-439-7436.

The Bishop’s Scholarship Fund

Granted through the Diocese of Lake Charles Office of Catholic Schools, the Bishop’s Scholarship is given to each individual school within the Diocese so that families desiring a Catholic Education may attend St. Louis Catholic. A committee at St. Louis Catholic High School determines whether a student receives this scholarship.

Students with Exceptionalities

The School Choice Program enables students with special needs to apply for assistance to attend participating schools like St. Louis Catholic High School that offer support programs. Tuition assistance is provided at 50% of the state’s per pupil funding for the student’s district. In Calcasieu Parish, that total is approximately $2,500. Assistance may not exceed the cost of school tuition, and families are responsible for the remaining balance.