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Mission & Vision Statement

Called as friends of Jesus Christ and led by the knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we gather to honor and praise God the Father.
St. Louis and its community will be a light, rooted in our Catholic faith and bound together by our shared experiences. The education will be unmatched, and our Saints will share a camaraderie that, regardless of grade classification or group affiliation, will remain for a lifetime. Every graduate will excel spiritually, socially and professionally as they remain positively tethered to St. Louis Catholic High School, a place they can always call home.
December 2022
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
December 1, 2022
December 2, 2022
December 5, 2022
December 6, 2022
December 7, 2022
December 8, 2022
December 9, 2022
Midterm A/B
December 13, 2022
Midterm C/D
December 14, 2022
Midterm E/F
December 15, 2022
Midterm G/H
December 16, 2022
Jonta Jones BD
December 20, 2022
Teresa Ernst BD
December 23, 2022
Caleb Monroe BD
December 29, 2022