Mary Villaume Earns 2018-19 St. Louis Catholic Teacher of the Year Award

Mary Villaume Earns 2018-19 St. Louis Catholic Teacher of the Year Award

St. Louis Catholic High School awarded English and Latin teacher Mary Villaume the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year Award on Thursday, May 23, at a faculty luncheon at Harlequin Steaks & Seafood.

Faculty and staff members cast their votes for this award to honor the school’s best educators.  Villaume said her grandmother first inspired her to pursue education, and she began teaching at St. Louis Catholic five years ago.  Villaume’s husband, Nick, is a Saints alumnus, along with her son George (2017), and her daughter Celia will graduate in 2020.

“My grandmother was a teacher, then she went back to school in her 70s to get her master’s degree in library science, so being around her love of learning really sparked my love of learning,” Villaume said.  “I hope to inspire others to love to learn as well.  When I approach education, I don’t approach it as, ‘Look at all these things I can teach you.  I approach it as, ‘Here are some things; let’s learn together.’  There’s that quote – ‘not the sage on the stage, but the guide on the side.’  I tend to lean more toward guide on the side.”

Villaume taught English III, Latin I, Latin II and Latin III this school year, and she moderates the Junior Classical League and co-moderates National Honor Society at St. Louis Catholic.  She said integrating technology and cross-curricular collaboration are big priorities for her in the classroom.

“Mary approaches her teaching ministry with incredible zeal,” said Andrew R. Bradley, Principal of St. Louis Catholic High School.  “She represents St. Louis Catholic as an enthusiastic follower of Christ to everyone she meets.  Her commitment to her craft inspires us all to work harder and be better.  She loves all of her students, and they know it.  We are proud to honor Mary Villaume with our Teacher of the Year Award.”

St. Louis Catholic Celebrates 2019 Underclassman Awards Program

St. Louis Catholic Celebrates 2019 Underclassman Awards Program

On Thursday, May 16, the St. Louis Catholic underclassmen gathered in Krajicek Gym to celebrate another year of student accomplishments and awards.

With the Class of 2019 graduating May 14, the juniors who participated in the traditional Ceremony of Lights at Senior Honors Night began by claiming the leadership of the school community for the upcoming year.  The Ceremony of Lights has served as the seniors’ way of passing on tokens of loyalty, scholarship, leadership and Christian community to the next class.

The St. Louis Awards were also presented to the outstanding male and female freshmen, sophomores and juniors, as chosen by members of their class and approved by the administration and members of the faculty.  Sponsored by the Lake Charles Serra Club, the senior awards were given Tuesday to Meredith Owen and Christopher Zareck.

The winners are chosen based on the following criteria: love of God and neighbor, strong moral character, desire to serve the community, courage to stand up for Christian principles, a daily Christian lifestyle and proper use of God-given talents.  The 2019 freshman St. Louis Award winners are Alyssa Morton and Luke Courville; the sophomores are Trinity Foret and Wesley Maze; and the juniors are Abigail Fontenot and Brenon Nash.

Other underclassman awards presented Thursday are as follows:

Liturgical Choir: Aidan Primeaux, Anna Broussard, Brenon Nash, Emma Oertling, Julian Jones, Lay’Sha Turner, Christian Wise, Melisa Vo, Macie Bennett, Amerie Guillory

FBLA: The following members will be attending the National Leadership Conference this June in San Antonio, Texas, and will be Louisiana FBLA Voting Delegates:

Juliana Broussard (Help Desk; Attend Institute for Leaders), Peter Obluda (Computer Problem Solving; Attend Institute for Leaders) and Xander Kihlken (Attend Institute for Leaders).

IBCA: Merit Awards

Students enrolled in Introduction to Business Computer Applications (IBCA) worked on their keyboarding skills, including posture, technique, speed and accuracy. By the end of the year students achieved at least 40 words per minute with 97-100% accuracy.

Top Three Typists: Canyon Vallier: 75 WPM with 99% accuracy; Myca Trail: 73 WPM with 99% accuracy; and Tyler Tran: 72 WPM with 98% accuracy

Most Improved Scores: Tyler Tran: Increased by 30 WPM; Sarah Jones: Increased by 29 WPM; and Tyler Guillory: Increased by 27 WPM

Avengers:  Juliana Broussard, Grant Couste, Andrew Desormeaux, Michael Desormeaux, Joshua France, Luke Monlezun and Nicholas Spicer

The Avengers program is one in which students are tested and trained to help both students and teachers use and troubleshoot Microsoft OneNote. Students begin as a OneNote Avenger but can become a Tech Avenger by helping at least 10 people and logging their work time in Class Notebook. Tech Avengers demonstrate expertise and leadership with additional technology.

The following One Note Avengers were recognized for documenting help given to more than one student in the OneNote Avenger notebook: Kyle Churchman, Eli Crawford and Rivers Vallier.

Key Club: 2018-2019 Outstanding Key Club Member – Jonah Reggie

The Key Club is sponsored by the Southwest Contraband Kiwanis of Lake Charles and is dedicated to community service.

Rally Awards:

Advanced Mathematics I -PreCalculus: Ethan Hebert- 1st @ District and 2nd @ State

Advanced Mathematics II – Functions & Statistics: Nicholas Velueman- 1st @ District

Algebra I: Grant Couste’- 3rd @ District

Algebra II: William McNally- 3rd @District

U.S. History (American): Stratton McLaughlin- 2nd @ District

Biology I: Kyler Cart- 4th @ District

Biology II: Maggie Bruchhaus- 2nd @ District

Chemistry: Aidan O’Neal- 1st @ District

Civics: Carter Guillory- 2nd @ District and 3rd @ State

English I: Emma Freeman- 2nd @ District and 4th @ State

English II: Matthew Aleshire- 3rd @ District

English III: Caroline Obluda- overall winner @ District and 2nd @ State

Fine Arts Survey: Abbie Lechtenberg – 3rd @ District

French I: Elizabeth Neck- 1st @ District

French II: Reem Husein- overall winner @ District

French III: Madeline Stickell- 1st @ District

Geometry: Jacob Weaver- 2nd @ District

Introduction to Business Computer Applications: Kristen Goodly- 2nd @ District

Nutrition and Food: Gabriellle Keuhn- 2nd @ District

Physical Science: Saizar Berlanga- 2nd  @ District

Psychology: Katherine Jester- overall winner @ District

Spanish I: Sofia Reggie- 4th @ District

Spanish II: Trinity Foret- 1st @ District

Spanish III: Lily Derouen- 1st @ District and 1st @ State

World Geography: Andrew DesOrmeaux- 5th @ District

World History: Aidan Primeaux- 1st @ District

French III Interpretive Reading: Elizabeth Achée- excellent rating at State

Spanish II Interpretive Reading: Vean Rademeyer- excellent rating at State

Spanish III Interpretive Reading: Kya Duhon- excellent rating at State

Spanish IV Interpretive Reading: Juliana Broussard- excellent rating at State

Government: Ivan Appleton- overall winner @ District and 4th at State

2nd place Team Sweepstakes at Play and Speech Rally: Nick Spicer, Darren Metoyer, and Juliana Broussard

Oratory: Nick Spicer- 2nd at Speech Rally

Impromptu Speaking: Nick Spicer- 2nd at Speech Rally

Most Promising Actor at Play Rally: Sydney Smith

Perfect Attendance: members of the student body who were in class every day for this academic school year

Alex Aguillard, Matthew Aleshire, Dillon Anderson, Nicholas Berryhill, Logan Bertrand, Anna Broussard, Benjamin Burguieres, Patrick Cameron, Aaron Castete, Haley Curol, Mary Dempsey, Lily DeRouen, Andrew DesOrmeaux, Michael DesOrmeaux, Blake Evans, Emma Freeman, Evan Fruge, Kristen Goodly, Amerie Guillory, Andrew Hancock, Jake Hanks, Ethan Hebert, Gabe Johnson, Evan Joubert, Conner Kingery, Emily LaBiche, Cody LeBato, Grant Manuel, J-Allen Manuel, Wesley Maze, Nathaniel McNally, William McNally, Carson Mixon, Peter Obluda, Molly Ortego, Vean Rademeyer, John Reina, Walter Rubin, Timothy Thomason, Tyler-Albert Tran, Melisa Vo and Shelby Willis.

UN Global Goals: Anna Broussard

Principal Andrew R. Bradley presented the Merit National Community Service award from the United Nations Association for commitment to others and driving progress toward the UN Global Goals.

AP Scholars: Claire Brescher, Maggie Bruchhaus, Jake Hanks, Ethan Hebert, Katherine Jester, Lucas Manuel and Caroline Obluda

Each year the College Board honors students who perform well on multiple AP exams. As these scores aren’t released until August each year, these designations are based on cumulative scores from 2018 and earlier. 

The AP Scholar designation is granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

Outstanding Academic Achievement: These students have excelled in academics by earning outstanding grades and ranking in the top of their classes.

For 9th Grade: Andrew Desormeaux, Kyler Cart, Aliya Kattash, Sofia Reggie and Emma Freeman

For 10th Grade: Ivan Appleton, Caroline Broussard, William McNally, Hannah Comeaux and Sarah Upshaw

For 11th Grade: Ethan Hebert, Maggie Bruchhaus, Katherine Jester, Lucas Manuel and Caroline Obluda

Captain James W. Bryan U.S. History Award – Stratton McLaughlin


Meredith Owen, Christopher Zareck Receive 2019 St. Louis Awards

Meredith Owen, Christopher Zareck Receive 2019 St. Louis Awards

The most prestigious honor a St. Louis Catholic student can receive, the St. Louis Award, went to seniors Meredith Owen and Christopher Zareck on graduation night for the Class of 2019 Tuesday, May 14, at Burton Coliseum.

The Most Reverend Glen John Provost, Bishop of Lake Charles, was the main speaker at the event and presented the 2019 St. Louis Awards to Owen and Zareck, along with Rector Rev. Nathan Long and Principal Andrew R. Bradley. The St. Louis Award goes to a male and female senior student voted as the outstanding Christian student at the school by their peers and approved by members of the faculty each year.

The awards, made possible by the Serra Club of Lake Charles, are presented to students who have shown the following characteristics: Love of God and Neighbor, Strong Moral Character, Desire to Serve Community, Courage to Stand up for Christian Principles, a Daily Christian Lifestyle and Proper Use of God-Given Gifts.  Owen will start college at LSU next year, and Zareck will begin an appointment as a cadet in the United States Air Force Academy.  Both students were members of National Honor Society, and Zareck was one of St. Louis Catholic’s 44 honor graduates.

“The St. Louis Award embodies the deep tradition of our school and is the highest honor for our students,” said Principal Andrew R. Bradley.  “Meredith and Christopher are so deserving of this award, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.  The educational foundation all our students receive at St. Louis Catholic will help them make a positive impact on their respective communities well beyond graduation day.”

St. Louis Catholic’s 2019 honor graduates (students who maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75 and accumulated six or more AP/Honors/Dual Enrollment courses) are as follows: Michael Aleshire, Noah Berryhill, Samuel Boullt (Valedictorian), Elender Bourque, Taylor Brandon, Ethan Brouillette, Andrew Castle, Grace Chapman, Benard Chatters Jr. (Salutatorian), Kevin Collins, Lauren Couste’, Annie DeLucca, Hannah Derouen, William Douget, William Gage III, Katherine Gilmore, Lauren Godeaux, Emily Graham, Hannah Guillory, Kaylynn Hebert, Travis Hinton, Mark Hoag, Madalyn Howard, Julia Istre, Katherine Joseph, Emma Kuehn, Cade Lavergne, Andre’ Ledet, Carmen LeJeune, Katherine McCall, Ethan McCorquodale, Mary McDaniel, Gabrielle Moreno, Benjamin Neck, John Peloquin, Amy Pousson, Jillian Primeaux, Jacob Rhodes, Grace Richert, Mary-Elizabeth Rosteet, Natalie Theriot, Connor Welsh, Andrew Wright and Christopher Zareck.

A total of $6.1 million in scholarships was offered to the Class of 2019, with our students accepting $2.4 million.  The $6.1 million does not include TOPS, as the state legislature won’t determine funding for the TOPS Scholarships until June.  Many of our seniors will qualify for the TOPS scholarship and be notified this summer.

Various other awards presented to the seniors this week included:

2019 Student of the Year: Lauren Couste’, District Winner

2019 AP Scholars – designation granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams based on cumulative scores from 2018 and earlier: Lauren Couste’, Isabella Harris, Katherine Joseph, Katherine McCall, Jillian Primeaux and Andrew Wright.

2019 AP Scholars with Honor – designation granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams based on cumulative scores from 2018 and earlier: Michael Aleshire, Samuel Boullt, Elender Bourque, Andrew Castle, Travis Hinton and Mary-Elizabeth Rosteet.

National & Community Awards:

Plauche’/DAR Good Citizen Award: Travis Hinton

American Legion Awards: Elender Bourque and Christopher Zareck

Scottish Rite Patriotism Award: Darby Gabbert and Andrew Castle

Knights of Columbus Award: Meredith Owen

Catholic Youth Leadership Awards: St. Margaret Knights of Columbus – Jillian Primeaux and Chandler Cormier; Sulphur Knights of Columbus – Lauren Godeaux; CLYA Finalist of K of C Council 4562 – William Gage

Key Club Service Awards: Emily Graham and Grace Chapman

Service Above Self Award: Hannah Broussard

Campus Level Awards:

Caldarera Student Council Award: Lauren Couste’

State Seal of Biliteracy:

In Spanish: Isabella Harris, Samuel Boullt, Elender Bourque, Darby Gabbert, Katherine McCall, Gabrielle Moreno, John Peloquin and Lucia Riviere

In Latin: Noah Berryhill

In French: Hannah DeRouen and Eva Young

Global Seal of Biliteracy:

In French: Eva Young

Rally Awards: Elender Bourque, Spanish IV overall winner; Mark Hoag, Calculus overall winner; Katherine McCall, English IV 1st; William Theriot, Environmental Science 1st; Christopher Zareck, Physics 1st

Liturgical Choir Awards: Lauren Godeaux, Travis Hinton, Soleigha Mouton, Meredith Owen, Jillian Primeaux, Natalie Theriot

Future Business Leaders of America: Elender Bourque – Business Communication-Superior, Insurance and Risk Management-Excellent; Taylor Brandon – Business Communication-Excellent, Business Law-Superior; Andrew Castle – Insurance and Risk Management-Superior, Insurance and Risk Management-Second Place; Samuel Drouilhet – Job Interview-Superior, Sports and Entertainment Management-Excellent; William Gage – Insurance and Risk Management-Superior; Jaleel Goodwin – Sports and Entertainment Management-Excellent; Carrington Guillory; Katie McCall – Business Communication-Superior, Business Communication-Second Place, Business Calculation-Superior; John Peloquin; Jacob Rhodes – Entrepreneurship-Excellent; Lauryn Sweet – Organizational Leadership-Excellent; Aaliyah Williams – Client Service-Superior

General Scholarships:

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School Parent Guild Scholarship: Andrew Castle

Branch Out & Grow Scholarship: Lauryn Sweet

Optimist International Essay Contest: Amy Pousson

Tournament of the Stars Scholarships: Lauryn Sweet- $1000.00; Annie Bruce- $500.00; Carrington Guillory- $500.00; Aaliyah Williams- $250.00; Stephen Taylor- $250.00

Wendy’s High School Heisman Award: William Gage

Chick-fil-A Leadership Scholarship: Samuel Broussard

Louisiana Catholic Daughters of the Americas Scholarship: Jillian Primeaux

Louisiana Football Coaches Association Scholarship: Benjamin Neck

Zeta Phi Beta Scholarships: Lauren Sweet, Carrington Guillory, Soleigha Mouton

Westlake Chemical Scholarship Awards: Samuel Boullt, Hannah Derouen and Emily Schmidt

Charles Robertson Community Service Scholarship Award: Lauryn Sweet

College/University Level Scholarships:

The King’s College (NYC, NY)

  • Taylor Brandon – Presidential Scholarship & The King’s Grant

George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia)

  • Andrew Wright – Mason Freedom Scholarship & the Mason Impace Award

High Point University (High Point, NC)

  • Andrew Leach – High Point University Scholarship and the High Point University Summit Award

Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)

  • Katherine Gilmore – Trustee’s Scholarship

Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)

  • Kevin Collins – Second Century Scholar and Discovery Scholarship

St. Edward’s University (Austin, TX)

  • Isabella Harris – Dean’s Excellence Scholarship and the Edwardian Scholarship

Spring Hill College (Mobile, AL)

  • Andrew Castle – Citizenship Award, Presidential Scholar, Spring Hill Grant
  • Connor Welsh – Presidential Scholar Award, 1830 Award, Citizenship Award

University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS)

  • Grace Chapman – Academic Merit Scholarship & Academic Merit Non-resident Award

Millsaps College (Jackson, MS)

  • Hannah Derouen – Millsaps Presidential Scholarship & Westlake Scholarship

University of Missouri (Kansas City, MI))

  • Benard Chatters – Chancellors Historically Under Represented Minority Non-resident Award

Louisiana College (Pineville, LA)

  • Katelyn Courville – Earl Guinn Scholarship and the Louisiana College Scholarship
  • Madelyn Howard –S. Lewis Scholarship, G. Earl Guinn Scholarship and the Beauregard Electric Co-Op Scholarship

Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, LA)

  • Noah Berryhill – Outstanding Student Scholarship
  • Jobe Hebert – Bridge to Bulldogs Scholarship

Loyola University of New Orleans

  • Carmen LeJeune – Dean’s Scholarship, Louisiana Resident Scholarship and the Student Success Grant
  • Allison Snider – Loyola President’s Scholarship & Louisiana Resident Scholarship

Xavier University of Louisiana

  • Carrington Guillory – Xavier Academic Scholarship & Marietta T. Brown Educational Stipend

McNeese State University

  • Preston Blanchard – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Ethan Brouillette – Academic Excellence Award; Band Performance Service Award
  • Hannah Broussard – Academic Excellence Award
  • Samuel Carmont – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Matthew Dufrene – Academic Excellence Award
  • Darby Gabbert – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Lauren Godeaux – John McNeese Scholars Award; Choral Service Award
  • Hannah Guillory – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Mark Hoag – Presidential Scholarship Award
  • Julia Istre – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Steven Khoury – For Our Future Award
  • Klair Kohnke – H.C. Drew Scholarship
  • Patrick Laborde – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Andre’ Ledet – Academic Excellence Award
  • Emily McGuire – Academic Excellence Award
  • John Peloquin – Presidential Scholarship Award
  • Jacob Rhodes – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Lucia Riviere – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Mary-Elizabeth Rosteet – John McNeese Scholars Award
  • Natalie Theriot – Academic Excellence Award

Louisiana State University

  • Samuel Boullt – Flagship Scholars Resident Award; Innovation Elite Award; LA Tiger Legacy Excellence Award
  • Elender Bourque – Academic Scholars Resident Award
  • Cameron Canup – LA Tiger Legacy Superior Award; Transformation Merit Resident Award
  • Lauren Couste’ – Academic Scholars Resident Award
  • William Gage – Academic Scholars Resident Award; LA Tiger Legacy Excellence Award
  • Douglas Gallow – Pelican Promise Award; Pell Grant; Student Excellence Fee Exemption; Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant; Transformation Merit Resident Award; Academic Excellence Fee Exemption
  • Lauren Graham – Transformation Merit Award
  • Travis Hinton – Tiger Excellence Scholars Resident Award
  • Sophia Ijaz – Pelican Promise Award; Pell Grant
  • Katherine McCall – Academic Scholars Resident Award; LA Tiger Legacy Excellence Award
  • Mary McDaniel – Transformation Merit Award; Tiger Legacy Superior Award
  • Gabrielle Moreno – Tiger Excellence Scholars Resident Award
  • Benjamin Neck – LSU Academic Scholars Resident Award; President’s Student Aid Program
  • Meredith Owen – LA Tiger Legacy Merit Award
  • Jillian Primeaux – LSU Academic Scholars Resident Award; President’s Student Aid Program
  • Jayden Robinson – Pelican Promise Award; Pell Grant

United States Air Force Academy Appointment

  • Christopher Zareck – Cadet, Class of 2023

Athletic Scholarships:

Girls Basketball

  • Alexandria Goodly – University of Louisiana Lafayette, Women’s Basketball Scholarship
  • Aaliyah Williams – Southern University New Orleans, Women’s Basketball Scholarship


  • Olivia Broussard – McNeese State, Women’s Soccer Scholarship

Students who have signed with a university but are attending on academic scholarships are:


  • Madelyn Howard – Division III, Louisiana College


  • Katelyn Courville – Division III, Louisiana College
  • Hannah Derouen – Division III Millsaps College


  • Connor Welsh – Walk-on, Spring Hill College

FBLA Honors Members, Gives Outstanding Awards at 6th Annual Banquet

FBLA Honors Members, Gives Outstanding Awards at 6th Annual Banquet

St. Louis Catholic High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) held their sixth annual banquet April 30 at Treasures of Marilyn’s, where they honored all chapter members and recognized three Outstanding Members of the Year.  Saints alumnus Chris Primeaux ’86 also spoke to attendees about the economic success of Waitr in Southwest Louisiana.

Congratulations to FBLA Members of the Year – freshman Peter Obluda, sophomore Torey Washington and junior Celia Villaume.

The 2018-19 chapter officers are Juliana Broussard – President; Emma Faul – Vice President of Community Service; Claire Brescher – Vice President of Membership; Katie McCall – Vice President of Public Relations; Jorden Robinson – Secretary; Lucas Manuel – Treasurer; Julian Jones – Parliamentarian; and Historian/Chaplain – Xander Kihlken.

St. Louis Catholic’s FBLA chapter started in 2013.  It will participate in the FBLA national conference in San Antonio this summer.

Metoyer, Foreman Chosen As AP Exam Readers by College Board

Metoyer, Foreman Chosen As AP Exam Readers by College Board

College Board has invited St. Louis Catholic faculty members Kim Foreman and Tiffany Metoyer to be National Advanced Placement Exam readers/scorers for the second straight year.

Foreman teaches AP Government & Politics, and Metoyer (St. Louis Catholic Class of 2001) teaches AP Human Geography.  Both women will travel to Salt Lake City and Cincinnati in June to read the National AP exams.

They will join approximately 18,000 college faculty and AP teachers from around the world to evaluate and score about 25 million free-response answers.  This honor is by invitation only from College Board and gives them valuable opportunity to come together and exchange ideas with peers while gaining valuable insight into the quality and depth of student responses from the entire pool of AP Exam takers.

“It’s the best professional development that an AP teacher can participate in,” Metoyer said. “I think it is an honor for our school to have more than one teacher chosen by College Board the past two years.  Kim and I will represent our school and community with pride.”

Junior Ethan Hebert Achieves Perfect ACT Score

Junior Ethan Hebert Achieves Perfect ACT Score

Ethan Hebert, son of Roland and Kayla Hebert and a junior at St. Louis Catholic High School, earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36 in April 2019.

Only around two-tenths of 1 percent of students who take the ACT earn a top score. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2018, only 3,741 out of more than 1.9 million graduates who took the ACT earned a top composite score of 36.

The ACT is a curriculum-based achievement exam that consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science, each scored on a scale of 1–36. A student’s composite score is the average of the four test scores. The score for ACT’s optional writing test is reported separately and is not included within the ACT composite score.

In a letter to Hebert recognizing this exceptional achievement, ACT CEO Marten Roorda stated, “Your achievement on the ACT is significant and rare. Your exceptional scores will provide any college or university with ample evidence of your readiness for the academic rigors that lie ahead.”

Hebert said he focused on time management during his ACT preparation, but a perfect score wasn’t a priority.

“Achieving a 36 was something I perceived as literally impossible, but I learned that hard work and practice can lead to achieving just about anything,” Hebert said.  “I also never could’ve done this without the support from my friends, my parents and loved ones, and some really phenomenal teachers growing up. I prayed daily leading up to the test not to ace it, but for guidance and for me to do it all for God and not my own glory. God blessed me with way more than I ever asked for, and all the credit goes to Him.”

ACT scores are accepted by all major four-year colleges and universities across the U.S.  Students who earn a 36 composite score have likely mastered all of the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in first-year college courses in the core subject areas.  Hebert said he likely will attend Louisiana Tech University after graduation from St. Louis Catholic and major in engineering or computer science.

“We are incredibly proud of Ethan’s perfect score on the ACT,” said Andrew R. Bradley, Principal at St. Louis Catholic High School. “It is a testament to the hard work and dedication he has put into his studies. Ethan embodies the character and work ethic we are trying to foster in every student at St. Louis Catholic High School.”

As for advice to other students taking the ACT, Hebert said not to stress out over it too much.

“I actually read a Bible verse (Romans 8:28) around the time of the (ACT) that says, ‘In all things God works for the good of those who love Him,’” Hebert said. “This definitely does not mean that loving God means an instant 36 for everyone, but the verse gave me confidence that no matter the outcome of the ACT, it’s just a test. I would suggest to other students to work hard on the ACT, but to not stress themselves out over it. Why put your faith in a “perfect” score when you can put it in a truly perfect God?”

Saints Track & Field Finishes as Class 3A State Runner-Up

Saints Track & Field Finishes as Class 3A State Runner-Up

St. Louis Catholic added another state runner-up to its trophy case this year, as the boys track team finished second in the Class 3A state meet May 4 in Baton Rouge.

Saints sophomore Ivan Appleton won two of his individual events (the 1600-meter and 3200-meter), including the 3200-meter race by 12 seconds over the runner-up.  Junior Gabe Meyer also won the javelin event.

In girls field results, Saints freshman Emma Freeman and sophomore Emma Oertling finished 1-2 in the discus throw, and Freeman finished second in a close javelin event behind South Beauregard’s Trinity Spooner.  The girls placed sixth overall in the team standings.

Click here to view the full results, courtesy of The Advocate.

Lady Saints’ McKenzie LeDuff Wins Division I Golf State Championship

Lady Saints’ McKenzie LeDuff Wins Division I Golf State Championship

St. Louis Catholic junior McKenzie LeDuff shot four birdies April 30 and used that performance to take the girls’ Division I individual title at the Allstate Sugar Bowl LHSAA State Golf Championships.

LeDuff posted a three-over-par 77 in Tuesday’s final round over the 5,679-yard par-74 Les Vieux Chenes course in Carencro and outlasted the field to take a two-stroke win over Sarah Meral of St. Scholastica. Neither player was in the top two after Monday’s opening round but posted the day’s lowest two rounds.  The Lady Saints finished 5th in the team standings.  Read more.


McKenzie LeDuff, St. Louis Catholic 80-77 – 157
Sarah Meral, St. Scholastica 81-78 – 159
Gillian Cole, C. E. Byrd 80-80 – 160
Kaitlyn Montoya, Captain Shreve 81-79 – 160
Kylie O’Brien, Zachary 82-78 – 160
Madeline Boudreau, Acad. of Our Lady 79-82 – 161
Sarah Hodson, Central Lafourche 77-86 – 163
Victoria Stephens, Mt. Carmel 80-85 – 165
Abbie Richard, Sulphur 86-80 – 166
Elly LeBlanc, Leesville 88-84 – 172
Ariana Blagrove, Ursuline 86-88 – 174
Sweden Ledet, Ursuline 89-87 – 176
Sydney Moss, C. E. Byrd 90-87 – 177
Caroline Covington, Denham Springs 90-87 – 177
Marta Bollinger, Alexandria 92-87 – 179
Alexis Gonzales, St. Michael 87-93 – 180
Emily Hagan, Zachary 86-94 – 180
Shelby Walls, Hahnville 98-84 – 182
Gabrielle Dishman, Vandebilt Catholic 98-88 – 186
Faith Loh, Baton Rouge 91-100 – 191
Makenzie Toney, Sulphur 97-95 – 192
Alexis Lee, C. E. Byrd 95-99 – 194
Elena Dishman, Vandebilt Catholic 105-100 – 205
Reagan Krupp, Mt. Carmel 107-99 – 206
Briley Joe, St. Louis 114-98 – 212
Halle Plaisance, Central Laourche 106-108 – 214
Madison Kimble, Vandebilt Catholic 106-116 – 222
Jenna Griffith, Mt. Carmel 114-112 – 226
Claudia Guenther, Ursuline 124-134 – 258
Chloe Lantier, Sulphur 98-WD

Meanwhile the boys finished as Division II state runner-up behind St. Thomas More.  Saints senior Connor Welsh placed 5th individually (162), and junior Brett Ardoin tied for 6th (163).  Congratulations to all the Saints golfers on a great season!

St. Thomas More 314-326 – 640
St. Louis Catholic 323-330 – 653
Benton 341-329 – 670
Teurlings Catholic 349-353 – 702
DeRidder 373-368 – 741
Lakeshore 372-375 – 747
E. D. White 397-370 – 767
Assumption 393-405 – 798